Fous on your next project while we handle your IT needs

For today’s tech-savvy construction firms, MM Technology Solutions understands your need for innovative tools and applications to make problem-solving, project management and collaboration a lot easier. However, adopting new technologies requires exploring an IT strategy that will align your IT functions with your business goals.

To ensure you make the right decision with your IT investment, MM Technology Solutions provides unparalleled expertise in the construction industry that will address the challenges and needs of your business -- whether you are a general contractor or subcontractor working on private, state, or federal construction projects. Our team will work to fully support your internal IT staff or provide you with a complete IT department for a fixed monthly fee.

  • Expertise in advanced technology tools and applications such as estimating, accounting, project management, document management, scale management and ERP solutions
  • Simplified operations so you can improve your firm’s profitability by having more time to focus productivity on your core business
  • Monitoring and securing of your networks that contain intellectual property such as project bids or house specifications
  • Maximum investment in technology resources with our affordable and comprehensive IT services
  • Access to highly trained and specialized staff with deep knowledge of your industry


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